2021-01-27 Wednesday

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Wengao Xiao, Deputy Secretary of the Songjiang District Committee, visited and guided Shanghai Institute of Cleantech Innovation

On 16th June, Wengao Xiao, deputy secretary of the Songjiang district committee of Shanghai, Hongwei Zhao, director of the Songjiang district science and technology commission, Lan Fang, deputy director of the research office of the Songjiang district committee, and Jun Gu, deputy secretary of the Songjiang economic&technological development zone, visited to give the inspection and guidance of Shanghai Institute of CleanTech Innovation (ICT Innovation, Shanghai Curui Low-Carbon Energy Technology Co., Ltd.), and attached great importance to the development in the field of green and low carbon energy. Platform leaders Yuhan Sun, general manager Hui Wang, deputy general manager Hanfeng Ni and director Chunlei Zhang accompanied the visit.

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