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The 13th Five-Year plan of China petrochemical industry clearly states that the country needs to eliminate the supply bottleneck of high-carbon α-olefins. The R&D and production of high-carbon α-olefins have been listed as an encouraged category in the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalog by the National Development and Reform Commission. On 6th October, 2016, the journal 《Nature》 published a significant progress made by a team of Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences in the direct synthesis of olefins (FTO). This research uses a new catalyst active site structure to achieve the direct and highly selective production of olefins from syngas under mild conditions.

Shanghai Smart Carbon Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Smart Carbon) aims to promote the industrial application of the major original achievement of direct synthesis of olefins from syngas, and takes the lead in China to start the construction of the  commercial demonstration device for direct synthesis of high-carbon α-olefins from syngas. ICT innovation provides technical services and guarantees, purchases simulated pilot-scale reaction devices, performance testing equipment, etc., and provides long-term evaluation of catalytic materials, catalyst stereotypes and product solutions for the further development of technology, so as to solve catalyst the shaping of the catalyst and realize the long-term stable operation of the catalyst.

Direct and efficient production of olefins from coal-based synthesis gas

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