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Performance Test

Time:2020-07-02 Reading:11636

      Aiming at the rapid screening of catalytic materials, this platform has 5 mL fixed bed catalyst evaluation device, 20 mL high-temperature fixed bed catalyst evaluation device, 100 mL fixed bed catalyst evaluation device with tail gas circulation, 1L Slurry Bed Catalyst Evaluation Device, etc. It is equipped with a high-throughput rapid evaluation system and a digital engineering evaluation system for particulate catalysts, which achieve rapid screening and digital evaluation of various catalytic materials.

      Each device has independent frame, cabinet and control system, and designed based on specific process conditions, which can meet the pressure and temperature requirements of various reactions. These devices can be used to evaluate the performance of catalysts and optimize the process conditions, and meet the experimental requirements for the evaluation of reactivity and stability. They enable independent third-party testing, evaluation, and provide parameters for the pilot production line of energy catalytic materials.

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